What is the Battle of the Bands?

Battle of the Bands is an annual music contest hosted at one of the international schools in Kyiv, Ukraine. This year we hope to further expand the event around international schools in central and eastern Europe through a live-streamed event taking place on a virtual platform.

Who is eligible to join?

Any secondary student (MYP or DP programs) studying in an international school is eligible to participate in the event.

    • BANDS - to be part of the contest you’ll have to have a band of at least two members. The band can have up to 20 performers.

    • INDIVIDUALS - can also compete or be part of the show. For performers, this is a great opportunity to demonstrate your skills, and for creators, it is a way to make your music reach a large audience. As this is a virtual competition, you can use your editing skills to play multiple parts of your song at the same time.

    • SPECTATORS - everyone is invited to join and interact within the streamed event.

What kind of a song am I allowed to perform?

You can perform any kind of a song: a cover or an original composition, all genres of music are welcome! We want to make the competition fun for everyone, so there might be limits to certain songs. You can learn more about the rules and guidelines here.


Battle of the Bands will be brought to your living room in the spring of 2021 on a live platform. Submissions for the songs will be open until the end of April and can be found here.

We hope to see you all then!