THe deadline for submissions has passed. We thank everyone for their submissions.

Rules for musicians:

To be in the show your song must meet the following requirements:

Requirements for the songs:

  • No lyrics are required, but any lyrics featured must be appropriate and not suggest mature themes. The song shouldn’t be politically explicit.

  • Can be up to 5 minutes in length (please contact us if you want to do a longer song).

  • Must be performed with real electric or acoustic instruments, synthesizers are approved if they are captured on a keyboard.

  • Backing tracks are not allowed. However, the inclusion of royalty-free sound effects for the video is approved.

To be part of the contest you will need to submit a video alongside the song. This video could feature your band performing the song, or it could take a more artistic approach and tell a visual story. The video can be an animation.

Specific requirements for the video:

  • Can be up to 5 minutes in length (please contact us if you want to do a longer video).

  • The video must be suitable for younger audiences - only mild violence is permissible.

  • Has to be submitted in a landscape format (16:9 aspect ratio).

  • Must be of good quality. Resolution can range from 720P@30FPS up to 4K@60 FPS.

  • The audio must be part of the video, and can’t be submitted in a separate file.


How to make your performance look and sound more professional:

App recommendations:

  • You do not have to have professional gear in order to make a good video. A free app we recommend for both recording and filming is Dolby On for iOS and Android phones.

  • Free apps for editing that we recommend are iMovie for Apple devices and the built-in video editor for Windows 10.

  • Also check whether your school has licensed any paid apps for creative work, such as Premiere Pro and Audition in the Adobe Creative Cloud for education. These apps usually offer a vast amount of tools and tricks to elevate your song and video.

If the form is not showing up, make sure that you have logged into a Google account. Then try refreshing the page, or opening the form to a new window.


  • Many of the key elements of the Battle of the Bands are still on the drawing board, and any details mentioned here are subject to change. Please, refer to the announcements of our website for the latest information.

  • In a case in which we are unable to feature all the bands taking part in the event, we will prioritize the ones taking part in the contest. There will be no pre-qualification, although we want to make sure that at least one band from each school participating will be able to enter the contest.